67 is the new 47 – How old do you feel?

This week I watched a programme on television which showed a man from Holland wishing to legally take twenty years off his age from 69 to 49 as he feels physically of that age group and thus why should all his legal documentation state the difference.

Apparently, as an inspirational speaker and a father of seven with two more children on the way, he felt people should only legally be required to state the age they feel, an age confirmed by a doctor on body examination, not the age they were born with in years.

People for a long time have tried to turn back the tides of time with cosmetic surgery, the freezing of their bodies to be reborn at another time or being the sexiest old swinger in town in lifestyle and looks.

At 67 I am not sure, never have been in fact what 67 is supposed to feel like, my career bounds forward, apart from a knee problem due to an accident, I feel fit and as they say healthy, wealthy and wise.

I suppose for me the reality is I feel my life with positivity I feel my life with adventure I feel my life with positive people and I focus on today and tomorrow not yesterday.

Could this be the secret in reality of feeling young? Create an environment and a lifestyle where you bounce out of bed in the morning and look forward to each day and know you have a purpose to live life to the full.

Thus, finding constantly new friends, new inspirations new adventures, I would suggest is the way forward and never let a number become a barrier to ambitions and life.

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