Founders Message

I believe that everyone wants to travel, so much more than ever before. The world is incredible, and there is so much to see and do, where do you start?

My job is to bring people together to create adventures and connect people to share these experiences. Most people do not want to travel alone, so with JADE you will travel in small groups with the most experienced escorts to join you on your travels. Together we will create lasting memories that you will cherish and hopefully share with your friends and family.

All of our clients are still very active and are searching for an environment they trust. We have built JADE on our values, being true to you, and to make a difference in the world of mature adults giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded adults for travel and connections.

We want to create ultimate memories that you will shout about, and friendships you will treasure with each other. Life is about living, so let’s live it.

Journeys you dream about, Activities you
enjoy, ultimate Destinations of a lifetime.
Together we will create the Experience you
will remember forever.

Jade is a companionship service for
55+, bringing likeminded people
together to do likeminded activities.

Our Values

My first and utmost value is to make a difference in the world of mature adults to give them the opportunity to meet likeminded adults. There are many matchmaking companies in the UK, but not a single companionship service. This is where we come in by providing an opportunity to meet likeminded adults.

Our Promise

The membership is built with the safety and security of each member, as all persons will go through a Q&A, to make sure we can meet their requirements. We offer unlimited connections, bringing together individuals in addition to a monthly get together. The get together’s are organised in the area you live.
We offer a dedicated book club, tips on photography, recipe sharing, amongst other common interests.

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