Alexandra Gillies – Safari Expert


Alexandra grew up in Southern Africa, studied zoology at Cape Town University and worked in conservation in Namibia before pursuing a global IT consulting career.

Over the years, Alexandra returned to Southern Africa, regularly and frequently, drawn to the vast game reserves particularly of the drier northern regions of South Africa. Working with local suppliers and guides, it was the desire to showcase this region and inspired by the benefits of responsible tourism, that led in 2012 to the formation of Alexandra’s Africa.

Alexandra has spent 40 years exploring Southern Africa. She is a keen photographer & many of her photographs are featured on this site. Alexandra runs the company from her Hampshire (UK) New Forest base.

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Jade is a companionship service for
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Our Values

My first and utmost value is to make a difference in the world of mature adults to give them the opportunity to meet likeminded adults. There are many matchmaking companies in the UK, but not a single companionship service. This is where we come in by providing an opportunity to meet likeminded adults.

Our Promise

The membership is built with the safety and security of each member, as all persons are met individually to go through a Q&A, to make sure we can meet their requirements. We offer unlimited connections, bringing together individuals in addition to a monthly get together. The get together’s will be organized in the area you live, the first one being in London in Aug.
We will offer a dedicated book club, tips on photography, recipe sharing, amongst other common interests.

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