Can I join if I am in my 50s?

Yes, anyone in their 50s can join the group, understanding the age group is targeted at 55+

How are members connected for individual connections?

We connect people from the area they live, and their personal activity requests.

Is my profile shared with any other members

Absolutely not, no information is taken online, and no information is share with anyone, unless requested prior.

Can I add personal preferences to my profile?

Yes, we understand that people have personal choices in their connections

Can I just join the monthly group get together’s, not the individual connections?

Absolutely, anyone that joins can shape their membership how they require.

What is included in the membership price?

  • UNLIMITED connections
  • No online profile
  • Interview with all members
  • Safety, security and Data protection guaranteed for all members
  • Unlimited information on vacation planning
  • Access to all group events & information
  • All members 55+ age group
  • Book Club
  • Photography Tips
  • Cooking Tips
  • Chat Forum
  • Welcome gift for all members
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