Loneliness and the light

Loneliness was graphically described recently in a TV commercial as the worst thing that could happen to an older person. The feeling that there is no one to talk too, no smiling faces, no one to share a cup of tea with share a joke or to have an arm around a shoulder in times of distress.

Then the elderly gentleman reached out said to himself "Come on old son you have got to do something" and then of course something did happen.

People of all ages can easily find a change of life, career, moving to a different area, bereavement or depression, can ultimately lead to loneliness.

After a traumatic divorce I found myself in a state of depression, lonely, unable to think or react for myself in any sensible matter of my life.

For two years I just existed even living in my car. Then one day I made the conscious decision to come back to life. The strange thing was I knew I could do this at any time and why had I not done this before ? When I look back at this period in my life my memory often goes blank, it is like I have erased this period in my life.

I reached out was circled in love by some wonderful women, which is why I adore womanhood to this day and recognised the value of companionship.

Nowadays I have wonderful brilliant friends and companions I see them one and the same and I feel blessed. I am a bit of a chatterbox really, and guess what so are my friends. We all look after each other, if one is feeling down a clarion call is put out and yes smiles soon come on a friends face once more.

So my message for those who are feeling lonely or depressed their is a life out there,  millions of potential companionships and activities out there just REACH OUT AND THEY WILL BE THERE

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