Overcoming Bereavement & Depression

People often ask me how long does it take to get over a bereavement or a depressing time in your life and how can you help a process to come alive again? I should explain I do talks on the subject.
My answers is it can take years, to overcome the effects of heartache and loneliness, there is no known cure everyone is different in coping with dark times in their lives, for me I found that reaching out, asking for help and finding new opportunities in my life helped me considerably to firstly, find myself and the person I wanted to become and then forming new friendships helped considerably.
With social media we have become such insular creatures of habit, for me a good old fashioned natter around a table with friends is much more refreshing creating lively debate and discussion and the feeling, perhaps somewhat in innocence, that we were putting the world to rights.
Creating separation from a society or a job facing redundancy or retirement can leave a big hole in our lives and can be just as hard and emotional a problem as a bereavement, so joining forces with others, finding new stimulations and having support in creating this new adventure in life for me seems to be the most practical way forward.
The last three words of the previous sentence..... practical way forward, is in my view the essential skill to finding new happiness and confidence to see what is happening not as an end but a new beginning an adventure a positive lust for doing things we could not achieve before.
Growing old in ones head can happen so quickly if it is not remedied by new exciting stimulation, reaching our finding new friends new opportunities is the real secret to living a full and active life. So for me long may it continue to be the most exciting adventure.
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