Tony Cummings – Nutritional Health Coach


Start living your life with your health and your future in mind. Once you change your perspective on healthy living, it becomes your view of the world, and it’s a positive and confident view. I’ve spent 25 years in Corporate IT sales, and during that time I made a lot of the bad choices that can go with busy careers. I put everything into living in the now, but gave little thought to my broader health. Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and then training as a Health Coach has been a journey, and also a revelation in how I view my life.

I offer 1 on 1 and Group coaching to people who are looking to introduce healthy changes and work towards goals, but need a little help in getting started on the path, and then in staying on the path. Whether it is about weight loss, having more energy, beating your genes, or simply about having the positive perspective on life that comes with knowing you are making the right choices for your future health, everyone’s journey is uniquely their own, and I love seeing each transformation.

Journeys you dream about, Activities you
enjoy, ultimate Destinations of a lifetime.
Together we will create the Experience you
will remember forever.

Jade is a companionship service for
55+, bringing likeminded people
together to do likeminded activities.

Our Values

My first and utmost value is to make a difference in the world of mature adults to give them the opportunity to meet likeminded adults. There are many matchmaking companies in the UK, but not a single companionship service. This is where we come in by providing an opportunity to meet likeminded adults.

Our Promise

The membership is built with the safety and security of each member, as all persons are met individually to go through a Q&A, to make sure we can meet their requirements. We offer unlimited connections, bringing together individuals in addition to a monthly get together. The get together’s will be organized in the area you live, the first one being in London in Aug.
We will offer a dedicated book club, tips on photography, recipe sharing, amongst other common interests.

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